CONSPIRACY WATCH: Fake Sultan Erdogan the Real Clone of Adolf Hitler

Once again fiction seems to be coming true again and again. We saw that cloning humans has been going on for several decades now, but who knew it went to this degree of programming and manipulation. Even when it is in front our faces we cannot see it until the veils are lifted. Without Turkey’s role in history’s end the prophecy of Russian containment cannot be fulfilled, but they do not know what the all mighty knows. Its importance indicates that with Turkey aka Rum no plot and no amount of corruption is beyond them. Because this will be their ultimate and final defeat with the mighty’s leave.

Turkey’s president says all he wants is same powers as Hitler

The term Doppelganger – literally a Double Walker (Erdogan = Hitler) was invented by the Germans and boy do they know how to make the good stuff. A deception that nobody will believe is perfect only in deluded minds. German engineering at its best! My friends the Drones are Real.