December 31, 2015

OP-ED:  The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai Fire Dec 31, 2015 was a Mock Symbolic Ritual Sacrifice meant to signal that great changes are coming to the Middle East. The Address Hotel has the two horns of the devil, looked like the Molech Owl in several shots when it was on fire, had an eye symbol round hole near the top of the tower and in combination with the equally demonic looking Burj Khalifa represents the  Twin Towers of Boaz of Jachim. The Anti-Christ Dajjal figure is about to make his appearance in Iran very soon, perhaps even in 2016 in the fabled city of Isphafan.

The Eye of Sauron Burning Red with Anticipiation

A Steel structure burns from bottom to top and no collapse. We are working with a different set of Physics here and it’s not the one being taught in schools of “higher” learning and education.