Cartoons are for those with true intellect to watch second by second and realize the truths and falsehoods they are showing you. In Cartoons you get the true true.

Mockery and Ridicule goes back to our creation days and is the venue and purview of cowards, hypocrites, and the followers of False Gods.

Cancer is Big Business for Big Pharma. Remember any sentence from a Human that begins with “Doctor Said….” means be very careful of who and what you are dealing with. These Humans are not in their right minds and you should be not putting your health in the hands of these (Witch) Doctors.

Here are we getting the truth straight from a Dog’s mouth. It is in your face on a daily basis and yet you deny it daily. There will be a price to pay in the end and that is why our hands and feet will testify against us because our mouths will be sealed on that day when it will really counts and all False Gods will be asked to appear and show their powers. On that day they will be a no show. In the end they are the ones who are truly being deluded, but their Earthly deception will ensnare most of Humanity unfortunately.

What sickness do they not have a cure for by now? We should be living for 700 years not dropping dead at 70. When will you realize your immortality and act as if you have already passed onto the next realm? And that is the true true.