The flight of The Thin White Duke, by Andrew Kent

BlackStar and Lazarus references are pure Black Magic and anyone that supports and promotes this Evil will have to answer for it one day. 

This man Devil was a Grand Wizard and now he has left you in disguise and gone off plane(T) and off world into another dimension on so it seems to him, but the Devil is a Grand Deceiver and you will find out soon as he rises again as a False God. The punishment for Worshiping Baal and his Like will be severe as has been promised by all the previous religions.

Devil worship is now common place and and we have become so jaded by it and so used to its spells and hexs that we do not know how to even wake up from it, but there is Solace and it lies in the True Words (Sounds, Vibration, and Consciousness) of the primordial sound blocks.

All Spells, Hexs and Casts throw out out by this Demon are hereby declared Null and Void. You are Powerless major tom over US. Snap. Snap. Snap. Burn. Burn. Burn. 

There is no good and bad Magic. All of it is Forbidden and Evil and an invitation to doom and suffering.

The Angry ISA is coming my friends prepare yourselves.