January 26, 2016

The Immigrant Invasion of Europe (Pike and Mazzini’s Final Social Cataclysm)  is well underway just as predicted and planned way back in the 1800s and probably prior. There is no coincidence to all these present day events. A well planned script is being executed and citizens of Europe should prepare themselves. Self-defense is the right of all humans. Freedom is also a right of all human beings and until and unless we first remove the False Gods from our Worship we will not and cannot return to first principles of being human beings.


History just keeps repeating itself and we cannot seem to learn the lessons.

A third and final great conflagration – the foot soldiers of World War III have been set loose upon Europe and these truths will soon become self-evident to all. Before we reject such letters and warnings consider Graham’s Hierarchy of


and see where your response to these statements fits in.

Satanic and Black Magic possessed Hollywood is also cluing the masses in, but they regard these shows as theater and entertainment and fail to understand the sinister messages coded within such films.

The 5th Wave is coming soon. Meaning the 1st to 4th Waves are now underway.

1st Wave – EMP Attack

2nd Wave – Engineered Earthquakes, Floods, and Weather related Chaos

3rd Wave – Plagues i.e. Epidemics, Pandemics, and Viruses (Zika, Ebola, etc.)

4th Wave – The Others take over human hosts i.e. Body Snatchers / Parasites

5th Wave – What and Who the Hosts becomes known as they reveal themselves

Black Magic Exposed