Is there a difference between an Affect and an Effect?

We seemed to have found my voices again, but this time through the keyboard? 

What will determine the truths now that the written word or the remembered word are being questioned and are incongruous with our memories?

Now that we have resolved Affect or Effect let us now consider the rest of the story as it is unfolding in this timeline. 

What is the Mandela Effect?

This question is a nexus a fork a decision a point of destiny in the road a dilemna a quandary an enigma a mystery a puzzle a maze a phase a trial a test run and a test that we must first understand then overcome and then pass.

When the very fabric of our reality our space our time space our memories are being torn apart with a thousand small tears what will be revert to or go to for verification of the truths we have held for so long no matter how small or large?

We are being told that we cannot rely on just memory so now memories have to be implanted in us for certainty. We reject your false gods and your fruitless attempts. Justice will be done this time around. History yes his story is being rewritten and we have to now theorize for whose benefit and for what end. Coincidence Theory died many generations ago pick something else keep working at it perhaps you will even make it to the true true. Play it again, Sam.

The Shadow Rabbit seems to have emerged from an odd place once again?


What is the connection between the Mandela Effect and The Colony and the 1986 Challenger Crash and the bronze rabbit statue and The Wall and The Wizard of Oz? 

Yes after 30 years the Kabbala Magick Boys Club tricks spells casts hexs are finally being played out and being revealed and yes it took 30 years to pass and now they seemed to have known to the date how things would play out?!

Project Looking Glass was a theory or reality?

Ritual Sacrifices are being carried out 30 years in advance or in the past and only now are we realizing its affects? Are you now seeing the connections between The Invasion Challenger crashing the zombies who look normal but act abnormal and the 30 years to the date Jan 28, 2016 and 1986 from the crash we have references to the O’Ring the mechanical failure eating Tacos in LA the wall gets built the invasion starts the occupation begins and the upcoming Super Bowl False Flag attack on Feb 7, 2016 and martial law and the alien virus spreading Zika or Zeus amongst us.

Connect the dots yes they are disturbing, but it needs to be done if you want to know what they have planned for Humanity and its future. Yes these monsters will separate you from your Children at the very beginning as tried and true strategy. What happens at The Factory (Cargill) is what happens in The Colony. The same man who acts as Mandela now acts in the Beast of No Nation. It is not the long walk to Freedom our Friends it is the opposite it is the long march to Slavery and The Beast is in all Nations.

When the question being asked in beginning are not answered when the label on the boxes do not match the video title or original question when the process looks suspicious when the wizards are wearing black hats when the hand signs of the magick are flashed in the beginning then you should know by now what is really going on in The Factory.

Marses = Moses, Satan = Saturn, & Jew Peter = Jupiter for those with sick and twisted motives.

The Oral Tradition

The very foundations of our oral history and oral tradition are being questioned and tampered with.

Whether it is a paralell universe that is crossing and meshing into our present timeline does not really matter it is the net affect that matters.

Knowledge Transmission itself and its very foundations are now at stake in play in transition in danger in action and now knowledge is slowly being lifted. That time has come and we are finally collectively realizing it.

We are truly entering or existing the Socially Engineered world of the Truman Show. How to exit the maze and the artificial boundaries mental and physical that are now before us?

We were warned we did not listen instead we mocked and ridiculed and denied and sailed down the river in false contentment listening to the tunes and toons of the false gods of Egypt. 


Sahih International: And of the people is he who buys the amusement of speech to mislead [others] from the way of Allah without knowledge and who takes it in ridicule. Those will have a humiliating punishment.

Pickthall: And of mankind is he who payeth for mere pastime of discourse, that he may mislead from Allah’s way without knowledge, and maketh it the butt of mockery. For such there is a shameful doom.

Yusuf Ali: But there are, among men, those who purchase idle tales, without knowledge (or meaning), to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah and throw ridicule (on the Path): for such there will be a Humiliating Penalty.

Shakir: And of men is he who takes instead frivolous discourse to lead astray from Allah’s path without knowledge, and to take it for a mockery; these shall have an abasing chastisement.

Muhammad Sarwar: (In an attempt to show that God’s revelations are only ancient legends) some people pay for meaningless tales to draw others attention away from the Quran without knowledge and treat as a matter of fun. They will suffer a humiliating torment.

Mohsin Khan: And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Quran) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire).

Arberry: Some men there are who buy diverting talk to lead astray from the way of God without knowledge, and to take it in mockery; those – there awaits them a humbling chastisement.

This is the last generation either speak or be silenced into a 1000 years of slumber slavery sleep.

Dogs were sent out to tell us the truth.

Denial had consequences in the movie. Denial in the movie was rough it was tough it was difficult it was gut wrenching it was impossible it was trouble it was pain it was no it was yes it was life it was death it was jump it was run it was hide it was flee it was cover it was cower it was cowardice it was courage it was success it was failure it was humanity it was the beast and it was decisions.

Mystery Clock Cinema now brings you The Gods of Egypt. Enjoy and be entertained or wake up and smell the stench of slavery? Imagine good magick vs. bad magick and we now have to choose. We reject both options because Your Lord is not one-eyed. Horus the one-eyed will not save us, but lead us to doom and death and destruction.

Mind Control Techniques

Mass hypnosis when so many are affected by it then it becomes so much easier to make us believe that left is right and right is left that up is down and down is up. What has always been a flat plane we were lied to and told it was just round when it was more it was flat yet domed yet cubed and yet submerged. What a mystery or mysteries to be found.

“If you build it, They will come” quote was integral to the movie since a baseball team was supposed to come and play with the kid not one player to play catch him on a baseball pitch. Changing it to He is an insidious sign of who He is and what they are referencing when they say He. Who is He that is coming?


The details matter, but when you are suffering from mass hypnosis and Stockholm Syndrome then you will begin to speak for defend protect your very oppressors victimizers and criminals that have put you in this position in the first place. When this behaviour has been achieved it is a sure fire sign of a person who has gone over to the dark side beware of them and their actions they are not in their right minds anymore literally figuratively and metaphorically.


The Secret Funeral and Arrival of Marduk The Imposter

Yes the rabbit hole gets deeper much deeper that this point.

The real secret of the Nelson Mandela death affairs revolves around the Grey Pope who is soon to be crowned as the false god

Annunaki King Marduk in connection with Comet Ison and Planet Nibiru as again false distractions to the truth via false gods.

He revealed himself to the gathered masses in June 2013 at the super secret facility known as

Nkandla, but will finally make his appearance to the public with the death of the first and last black/white Pope (Francis the Jesuit Pope) and that is the real reason why 3 USA Presidents would be going to Senegal and then South Africa in the summer of 2013.

Magic was sent down by Your Lord yes Your Lord as a test through the Angels Harut and Marut and they taught mankind magic, but with a disclaimer and a warning – do not practice or learn or use this magic if you want a share of the next life. It was a grand test which not all of mankind was meant to pass. The legacy of those teachings and books and practices from that original disobedience still haunt us today.

The fake death and the fake funeral took place in December 2013. One has to wonder for how long Mandela was in a permanent vegetative state after his death in the 1980s or 30 years later was put in such a state for another host?

Knowledge Vanishes and Possessions Take Hold

For the love of worldly possessions that you possess yes you have to wonder who and what is possessing who and what since we seemed to be the ones possessed by our possessions and owned by them rather than an observer traveller bargainer trader vicegerent caretaker shepherd father mother son daughter – we have forgotten even our basic roles?

The more we think we are mistaken about our memories the stronger their version of reality take a firm grip on us and we get sucked further down into the rabbit hole. Be the change you seek our friends.  Do not give them power over you. It is your acquiescence and submission to darkness they are seeking. 

They are seeking to destroy and challenge our collective memories and chip away at the oral tradition of transmitting transferring passing on knowledge – written knowledge is now fleeting it is either in your heart mind gut or nowhere to be found.

Knowledge would be lifted one day and the reckoning would come it was promised, but we have failed to understand. With the lifting vanishing manipulation degrading corruption changes to knowledge would come changes ruptures tears upheavals warps in the fabric of space time itself. 

Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which (religious) knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and general ignorance will spread.(Bukhari)

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 184:

Narrated ‘Abdullah and Abu Musa:

The Prophet said, “Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which Religious ignorance will spread, knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and there will be much Al-Harj, and Al-Harj means killing.”

Narrated Abu Huraira (R.A) that The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Time will pass rapidly, good deeds will decrease, miserliness will be thrown (in the hearts of the people) afflictions will appear and there will be much ‘Al-Harj.” They said, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is “Al-Harj?” He said, “Killing! Killing!” [Bukhari; Vol.8, Hadith 63]

Narrated Anas ibn Malik (R.A) Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) said, “The last hour will not come before time contracts, a year being like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the kindling of a fire.” [Tirmidhi]

The smoke the earthquakes the beasts the floods the actors and programs and agents and provocateurs would be gathered for judgment.

Virtual reality is not progress it is the road to destruction.

Breaking Points

This time if you give me it will be the worst mistake you ever make in your lifeline.

Who will be broken when they try to break you down? 

Will you give them that Power?

He who determines the rules is the ruler maker is the rule enforcer is the ruler. Right? 

Seek permission and you will be rejected promoted distracted diverted disillusioned. 

Following a flawed set of rules only gives temporary lift off the ultimate the trajectory road path outcome destination is down out crash destruction death.

In his detailed account of the 1954 revolt at the Kengir labor camp in Kazakhstan, Solzhenitsyn observed that “there is more than one side to the Chechens. People among whom they live–I speak from my experience in Kazakhstan–find them hard to get along with; they are rough and arrogant, and they do not conceal their dislike of Russians. But the men of Kengir only had to display independence and courage–and they immediately won the good will of the Chechens! When we feel that we are not sufficiently respected, we should ask ourselves whether we are living as we should.”

Some people will never be broken. Others will wilt and collaborate at the very beginning. 

We are being now told that “Good things come to the loyal. Will you collaborate? Enter below to receive your Official Redhat”.

The rest go to the Factory? What is being made at the Factory?

Frameworks for Denial and Disagreement and Destiny

When a third party dispute resolution such as books references encyclopedias internets interwebs intranets are all seemingly different inexplicably from our collective consensus collective hive mind collective consciousness collective memory – where do you turn to who to what to when to why to how to – turn to for confirmation verification resolution of such disputes disagreements debates differences?

Tribal and nomadic ways will be returning soon as we will have no other mechanisms to solve these issues. Slave and Master relationship will be taking hold again. The time is at hand to return to first principals.


Pickthall: Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle – nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful.

Lazarus Effect and Mandela Effect

Lazarus Affect and Mandela Affect we are theorizing are two sides of the same coin. They are multiple layers within this layer cake we are being asked to eat and swallow.

A group of medical students discover a way to bring dead patients back to life. Sound familiar? No not yet well wait until Bowie and Rickman come back from the Dead through Magic and just like Magic.

Perhaps they are using the secret Serum 114 or Element 115 to revive the dead and program a minds with a new consciousness.

A new set of rules a new physics a new set of elements will now be introduced.

The Story of Prophet Junus (ASA)

The Story of Prophet Junus (ASA) is now in play once again and the outcome will be the same once again despite their best efforts to counter kill divert squander waste squash confuse it. It started in Nineveh present day Mosul in 2011 and it will end there once again. The victors will be

Truth and Justice Plane and Simple and Meek. 

Here is to the PeaceMakers smoking their PeacePipes. Strategic engagement and withdrawl then an ascension infinite plane.

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