In 3 easy steps:

  1. Engineer a virus that is highly infectious and can spread through saliva, breath, and sexual contact and for which there is no known cure.
  2. Organize mass gatherings of people such as the Carnival and Olympics where people from all over the world gather and then disseminate and disperse back to their homes in other lands through air, land and water based travel.
  3. Make sure the cure that is produced later also contains the Zika Virus and a few other additional bonuses to make sure the remaining masses are also inoculated and assimilated into the death cult.

A set of coded messages waiting for you to decipher and find the true true. The codes and the keys are both hidden in plain sight. Are you thinking like a vegan or like a VEGAN. We should have learnt by now that whenever Governments aka Gatekeepers tell us not to fear then you should know the Fear Factor will be turned up by several notches. Get Ready!


What strange coincidences with the Zika? A song of mourning way back from 2011 perhaps they knew without realizing it something was coming? Is Coincidence Theory still in play?

Goats and SodaGoats and Soda


How appropriate?! Are you seeing the code yet? Semper in Angaria.