We are all familiar with the Fight or Flight response when faced with danger, but how many have considered if this response is equivocally relevant for males as well as females?

The Fight or Flight response seems for appropriate for males rather than females.

The female response would be something like one of these options:

  • stay put and let danger pass
  • try to find a solution
  • wait for help to come
  • hide till help comes
  • scream
  • nurture
  • pleasing
  • give in
  • try to play along with the victimizer
  • try to placate the victimizer
  • fight behind the males
  • flee with the males
  • play dead
  • hide with the children
  • sacrifice herself for her children
  • sacrifice herself
  • worry
  • victim
  • weakness
  • violated
  • fear
  • broken
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • paralysis
  • stockholm syndrome

A recent interview on CBC about the Gian Ghomesi affair was telling and illustrative of this point in which author Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer agrees that females placate and will likely not fight or flee. This reaction is both dangerous to them and a reward mechanism for the predator. There was a time when males were not emasculated and their role was to both protect and provide and not just watch TV and drink beer. Both the protection and provision roles have been taken over by other actors. Protection is now through calling 911 and provision can be taken care of by the female so why would you need males in society? Perhaps just as convenient punching bags for other frustrations and hurts? It seems the Social Engineers have won this round, but the fight is not over yet.

There is a Code called the Heat Code. In 30 seconds flat you have to decide. Follow the Code in times of dangers – males and females. Do not let females make males into females and males should not try to make females into males. Each spins in its own orbit by his leave like the rotation of the sun and the moon.

There is an even more ancient Code called War and in War to the victor goes the spoils. The spoils of war are women, children, property, gold, money, etc. Freedom or Slavery the choices are clear, but our capacity to think at moments of stress are different in males and females and so the psychology behind those actions and decisions.