Bisphenol A (BPA) has been found in more than 93% of people 6 and older according to this TedTalks presenter.

We need to ask ourselves why was such a chemical produced and allowed to enter our food chain in the first place?

Who are the Micro-Managers that are making such decisions and affecting our health and well-being in such profound and deadly ways?

If we cannot ask who and why and where and pose the difficult questions to our decision-makers then we will continue to put our lives in the hands of people who seem to have motives and agendas different from the rest of Humanity.

We are store houses of toxicity as if that was a well-known fact according to the presenter of the video? 

How is it then that our decision-makers are so complacent is protecting us? 

We need to propose better solutions to disposing of dead bodies, but no plan to take care of the living and dying slowly?

Why are Dogs being sent to mock and ridicule cures for Cancer?

Our Normalcy Bias prevents us from accepting reality or accepting different problems or exploring alternative solutions.


“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, a common prayer during some funerals that we can agree on even with different cultures and practices, but where and why and when did Cancer creep into the picture without a need for cures?