Brothers at last’

“We are brothers, at last,” were the first words Pope Francis addressed to his counterpart when they met, TASS news agency reports.

“Now, it will be easier,” responded Patriarch Kirill.

“It is evident that this meeting is God’s will,” said the Pontiff, in his native Spanish.

“We are meeting at the right time and at the right place. I want to emphasize once again that it became possible with God’s will,” Patriarch Kirill told the Pontiff.

According to RT a historic agreement was reached, but under whose watch and with what intent?! 

Why is the Masonic Skull and Bones (322) Organization featured prominently in the center of the two figures?

Has Patriarch Kirill made the worst mistake of his life and for his nation and congregation by signing a deal with the Jesuit Pope Francis?

The evidence is there for all to see in open view.

What will Jesus say when he returns and see such behaviour by his followers?!