February 2016

WE IMAGINED IT this way and that is what happened almost exactly. How bizarre and how wonderful it was when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the House of Saud (HOS) were both defeated and overrun by the people in the most extradinary revolution since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in Persia more than two generations ago. King Salman was indeed the last King of the KSA. A Palace Coup wrapped up within a Quandary and an Enigma and a Mystery within a Game of Thrones inside a Family Saga.


Scenario 1 – War on Yemen was a Fatal and Grand Mistake

  • They did not realzie the strategic importance of Yemen in Arab folklore and within Islam eschatology. The push back by the Yemenites was the fulfillment of several hadeeths and people took such warnings seriously as the saw the results before their eyes.
  • Two countries were defeated at the same time it turns out in retrospect. Not only did the KSA and the HOS fall, but so too the fake Sultanate of Erdogan in Turkey. His vain and truly sinister involvement in the creation, financing, nurturing and usage of ISIS was diffuclt for many to accept, but the evidence was clear when the some of the UNIntelligence Agencies members were captured and made to talk some say under questionable circumstances, but they did provide video and audio testimony of their deeds as the public watched in horror and disbelief.
  • The entrance of the Yemenites in numbers and ferocity that could not be denied and changed the path and face of the rebellion.

Scenario 2 – Unpaid Wages and Foreign Workers

  • Not paying the wages of population that made more than 30% of the entire population was in retrospect utterly insane. The rebellion began within the work camps and urban centers as the workers realized that their Saudi Masters were suddenly gone and had been abandoned to their own devices and ways.
  • Most Workers were generally confused and some very regrettable behaviour was seen by the world media and recorded by other witnesses. Both were given a lot of air time as videos of Saudis being beaten, humiliated, raped, killed, and worse made the rounds on social media.
  • The collapse of the USD and the move to the PetroYuan were profound decisions and signalled a significant shift strategic pivot from west to the east. It was the said to be the fulfillment of another prophecy that stated that the sun would rise from the west. It seemed the sun had finally set on the influence of the west in the east.
  • Trade had quickly descended to a combination of outright theft, prostitution and ethnic and tribal based gangs who began to enforce their own laws and rules.

Scenario 3 – Electricity Grid goes down

  • Modern western civilization is built upon electricity and in these desert Kingdoms the simple loss of electricity and thereby just the loss of Air Conditioning (AC) was a very difficult and deadly proposal. Without AC and the extreme desert heat most of the population went mad with fear and confusion within the first few days. A government that could not even restore AC to the population was seen by the people as an immediate crisis.
  • When the efforts by the so-called Authorities to restore electricity failed and the reasons behind it became clear the majority of the population tried to flee the KSA by any means necessary. The airports, seaports and border crossings immediately became filled with refugees trying to flee the chaos and disorder rampant in the urban centers.
  • Once the power was lost and the electricity grid was damaged beyond quick repairs the trauma of the situation set in amongst the remaining population. They now realized it were stuck with AC, electricity, food or water. Violence was an ever present danger against which most of the people was helpless. Whatever was in their fridges and stores and farms was the last supply left for most.
  • Former Office Workers, Factory Workers, Engineers, Doctors, and other highly and lowly paid Professionals and Labourers were now suddenly refugees who had been watching Syrian and Yemenite refugees on TV a few days ago. The cruel irony of the situation was captured on camera and spread by one viral video after another on social media channels.
  • Suicide was rampant even amongst a population that knew such actions were not allowed within their religions. Most seemed to do it out of desperation and fear as Workers turned on each other as well as their former Masters and Managers.
  • The women of Saudi suffered in particular as they seemed to be the most unprepared and vulnerable for such an outcome. They did not know how to even drive as driving was forbidden for females in the KSA. In general the KSA Locals were not in the best of health as they were well known for their gluttony and avarice and were unable to transition back to a nomadic and tribal way of life.

Scenario 4 – Closure of the Holy Shrines

  • Once the access to the Kabaa was blocked and then when the Hajj was stopped people reacted very violently and with a deep psychological trauma. Foreign travelllers who had come for Umrah and Hajj were particularly distressed by the situation as they were now stuck with the rest of the population who did not make it out on the first night after the troubles began when the Yemenites breached the southern border towns en masse.
  • The  Yemenites tried to control the situation the best they could in the KSA and protected the Kabaa and the Holy Shrines in Medina and respected it by not entering it, but others did not have such respect and its destruction and violation deeply scarred the Muslim population the world over. This trauma was worse even than the creation and deeds of ISIS aka Daesh aka ISIL aka UNIntelligence Agencies around the world.
  • World opinion seemed divided along religious and ethnic lines when it came to assessing the fallout from the KSA and HOS mess. Western Politicians tried to cover their previous support with placid words as the public finally began to see through their veiled words. Muslims reacted with horror and dismay at the loss of access to the Holy Shrines and the desecration of some sites by the previous so-called Authorities.
  • New power brokers and ethnic gangs filled the power vacuum successfully in some areas and without disasterous outcomes in other areas.

Scenario 5 – Royal Family Members Captured

  • The balance of power certainly changed hands quickly and it was unclear at times who are really in charge.
  • Words could not describe the speed and ferocity of the anger and action against the HOS and any Locals associated with them in positions of power.
  • Such a disgraceful exit for such a so-called Royal family they had to flee in shame as the Palaces were raided and the Princes and yes Princesses as well were caught, tried, convicted and executed. Some were jailed as well while others suffered a worse faith at the hands of the angry mobs.
  • The Local Bedouins (Baaduu) tried to restore order, but unfortunately for that land their efforts were not respected even by the Locals and so they retreated back to their desert hideouts and hide in fear because their knew what these signs meant and were some of the keepers of ancient wisdom.
  • It was truly Slavery for some as Sex Slaves and Work Slaves and Prisoners were found and liberated from Palaces and other bizarre hiding places. They cried with joy and grief. They pain could not be understood and the locals tried to find meaning in all the chaotic events that unfolded before them.
  • Their angry was justified by some and condemned by others. the migrant labour class were especially vocal and violent at times. the Pathans and Black Africans and Shia formed a strange multi-national multi-ethnic alliance as they fought for justice, back wages, and other rights and priveleges they were promised by their now absent Saudi Masters.

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