When faced with overwhelming odds and an endless number of tasks and challenges it is best to practice this technique.

It is called Establishing Priorities.

In this context your first priority should be to Delete your Facebook Account.

Reasons why are covered in this video as well as in the links below.

If you do not understand who your enemy is then you are inviting your enemy right inside your house, your room, and into your mind.

Do you close the door and lock it behind you when you come home or do you leave it open for all to enter at will? The “I have have nothing to hide” mentality and the “Coincidence Theory” methods of explaining world events are the first indicators you are dealing with an infected person treat them with respect, but extreme situation with caution as they are likely not in their right minds.

Be mindful of the monsters you are creating and feeding. They are using your data against you for your own oppression. Facebook data is used extensively by UNIntelligence communities to build profiles and do predictive databases for future events and behaviours.


Few Privacy Regulations Inhibit Facebook, because in fact and in essence we have willingly given them that consent through the User Agreement. 

These facts are not science fiction anymore they are reality and the people who used Facebook are the ones to share the blame.

Parody disguised within hidden open truths via the Onion. Follow the hints to their logical end conclusion. The “Algos” aka “Algorithmic Filters” have taken over and The Facebook is at the top of that pyramid. The “News Feed” is feeding you customized filtered cleaned up garbage. 

The Lego Movie Micro-Managers aka Gatekeepers are alive and well and you have been the ones feeding and nurturing them.

Here is how to Delete Facebook- http://goo.gl/yHg29r
Reset The Net! : https://www.resetthenet.org/