Alghazali and his Deliverance from Error

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and Ihsan draw inspiration from the Deliverance from Error, Al-Munqith min Aldalal, the autobiography of Imam Abu Hamid Alghazali.

You will get an inside look into the spiritual journey of a great thinker, philosopher, and mystic. You will learn about Alghazali’s approach to knowledge and how he realized that knowledge itself veiled him from truly experiencing the Ultimate Reality.

You will also learn about Alghazali’s intellectual crisis and how it led him to break his physical attachments to the world; his scholastic position, and even his family, to embark on a journey within.

You will become familiar with a reality known as Himma, a Divine given aspiration in man, and how apparent and strong it was in Alghazali. You will learn why Alghazali was given the title of the “Proof of Islam” and how important and urgent it is to seek the truth in one’s own life.

Lastly, you will hear an excerpt from a powerful letter that Alghazali wrote the night before he departed this physical world.


Imam Abu Hamid Alghazali is of Persian descent, lived in the 11th Century AD, 5th Century Hijri. He studied and explored theology, philosophy, and mysticism, and was considered a mujadedd, a renewer of the faith, because of how his work revolutionized and revived many aspects of Islam. Some of his major works include the Alchemy of Happiness and the Revival of Religious Sciences.