Another example of how the Mass Maggot Media feeds us with its garbage which is if you have not guessed it by now the flesh of dead corpses. Yes that is what a maggot is by definition. I did not not make the language I merely using it.

Dusty Westfield from

Polarization Nation Media;

Another McFly Code synced event – the U.K. Press began pushing a story about ISIS stealing nuclear materials from Iraq just yesterday, February 17th, 2016. This has been in the background for a couple months and is now being rolled out as a platform for manufacturing fear and a cover story for the main event.

The McFly Code predicts the theft of nuclear weapons 30 years ago and those events are now coming true now. Let us wake up from our slumber and begin to heed the warnings of those with eyes see to see and ears to hear.

How incredible that we spent countless years and untold billions in a war that cost thousands of lives to look for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and now almost two decades later we have a magical creation called ISIS who now magically got their hands on nukes aka supplied with nukes by its sponsors ala Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

And as a first step towards survival start with your Facebook Account.Yes go ahead and delete that account and save yourself from the questioning that you will face one day.

And when you notice that you cannot reason with most people then know that they are not in their right minds and that you need to survive first otherwise they will take you down with them. Difficult Choices lie ahead. Critical Choices with Critical Consequences. Winner takes all when it is Humanity vs. Predators.

Brainwashing from Hollywood aka Demoncracy.