Willing servants and slaves the new Brown Indian Breaking into Hollywood

Satan found it useful and amusing and worth his while to invest in creating hybrids humans that were still somewhat human in appearance, but were something other than human on the internal working parts. The moving machinery was at times digital and other times biomusical and other times clay and steel and other digital crossed with human DNA and brain circuitry in why unknown and ways beyond understanding. Beyond classification when we did not know what we were even creating and then dealing with. Experiments had consequences.

The names and titles of Hollywood productions are getting bolder and bigger and brighter and just more ungodly and more like the worship of false gods. We are told darkness is cool as in Tron and digital jazz is even cooler. Who did not want to ride on one of those Tron digital bikes and race around just for a bit. Only problem was once in there the exiting part of was kind of tricky and the Indian in the Machine or Deus Ex Machina did not fair so well? But this observation seems to be more and more truer the more we see. Brown Indians get the worst most demeaning most humiliating parts in Hollywood production. We have found the new bitch community to fully exploit and Indians are willing servants for Hollywood Masters and Magicians.

It was an easy transition from and between Bollywood and Hollywood.

Victor Frankenstein is a metaphor and a


for what has become of humanity – we are the monsters of satan’s creation and he has in fact made us dead yet still living – fully autonomous humanoids that go work pay their bills procreate obey the laws and get a good education and then work their entire adult life paying off a mortgage to small house or condo or apartment or flat or duplex or townhouse or this or that as a good little slave living on the plantation of modern society. 


Victor Frankenstein when asked what is your name does not say it instead the screen flashes us the name because Victor Frankenstein is playing the part of Satan and in Hollywood his name is never to be spoken, but rather understood.

His assistance at first, Igor becomes his partner later in crime and in creating the monster Frankenstein so the new man has the seed of Satan in him and was artificially created and hybridized using his Lighting his spark and his magic to make the beastly creation come to life after death like the soul leaving the body and a new host entering and occupying the same space without the need a God.

His first experiment was on the ape and then we moved on to humans since our DNA has always been the Holy Grail and has been the source of desire and manipulation in the past as well. We had become abominations in the past and we are on that same time in this timeline of history as well with the same results.

Chapter 44. Surah Ad-Dukhan (The Smoke);

10. Then wait you for the Day when the sky will bring forth a visible smoke.

11. Covering the people, this is a painful torment.

12. (They will say): “Our Lord! Remove the torment from us, really we shall become believers!”

13. How can there be for them an admonition (at the time when the torment has reached them), when a Messenger explaining things clearly has already come to them.

The warnings were clear and plain for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The smoke will be painful torment that will repeat itself just like history repeats and we fail to heed the historical lessons.


Transcendence as the title suggests is in typical Hollywood fashion in reverse of its meaning and shows us one version of The Smoke as they are imagining it. Something at comes in the rain infects and pervades everything the soil mankind the plants the lakes the skies all that is in between with its nano sized digital jazz and Satanic j*** figuratively and literally.


“Yesterday Dr. Will Caster was ONLY Human”, until his reign or rain spread all over the earth and infected all that was and was to be. Dr. Will Caster become as the name suggest he was not the hero but in fact the victim of the spell that was CAST because of his consent and his willingness and his acquiescence to becoming full digitized and upload his consciousness into a new digital realm. It was the TransHumanist agenda to create Synthetic Biology and AI and Hybrid Humans writ large and explained plainly. 


We find the same theme in the writings of Thomas Hardy and in particular his book The Mayor of CASTERbridge. Again the names and the implied messages should be clear. 

From SparkNotes;

In The Mayor of Casterbridge, as well as in his most popular fictions, such as Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure, Hardy explores the effects of cultural and economic development: the decline of Christianity as well as folk traditions, the rise of industrialization and urbanization, and the unraveling of universally held moral codes.

Hardy himself abandoned Christianity. He read the writings of Charles Darwin, accepted the theory of evolution, and studied the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

From Wikipedia;

The irony and struggles of life, coupled with his naturally curious mind, led him to question the traditional Christian view of God:

The Christian God – the external personality – has been replaced by the intelligence of the First Cause…the replacement of the old concept of God as all-powerful by a new concept of universal consciousness. The ‘tribal god, man-shaped, fiery-faced and tyrannous’ is replaced by the ‘unconscious will of the Universe’ which progressively grows aware of itself and ‘ultimately, it is to be hoped, sympathetic’.

For Schopenhauer, human desire was futile, illogical, directionless, and, by extension, so was all human action in the world. He wrote “Man can indeed do what he wants, but he cannot will what he wants.”  He [Schopenhauer] is best known for his 1818 work The World as Will and Representation, in which he characterizes the phenomenal world, and consequently all human action, as the product of a blind, insatiable, and malignant metaphysical will.

Following one of Will’s presentations, an anti-technology terrorist group “Revolutionary Independence From Technology” (R.I.F.T.) shoots Will with a polonium-laced bullet and carries out a series of synchronized attacks on A.I. laboratories across the country.

Five years later, in Will and Evelyn’s garden at their old home in Berkeley, Max notices that their sunflowers are the only blooming plants. Upon closer examination, he notices that a drop of water falling from a sunflower petal instantly cleanses a puddle of oil — and realizes that the Faraday cage around the garden has protected a sample of Will’s sentient nano-particles, potentially saving Will and Evelyn and providing a solution to the worldwide blackout.

The malignant will can be corrected fixed altered bettered improved with the help of the Satan Spark the Lighting the champion of Humanity in this narrative. And Evelyn is the new Eve for whom all of this destruction took place for love (aka evl in reverse since the o is not required anymore) and love persists and has not bee eradicated and will come back.

These are highly dangerous themes and messages that are being broadcast into your psyche and subconscious and given that we operate 80% of our time with the later then Hollywood has studied us intimately and knows us much better than we even know ourselves.

Technology is the seductress that will seduce us with solutions and then it will be used for our destruction if there is still time to realize it.

Shame on the people who feed such monsters and ideas. No matter we are imagining a new world a better existence on a better plane. We have no desire to meet our makers until he calls us.

What are talking about? We are are talking about the inability to even aks the right questions at the right time to the right person. It is the 3 Rights from science from management from healthcare and applied here. 

Don’t ask questions and not rock the boat and don’t be a loser or conspiracy theory nutcase because all is good in La La Land. 

Brown guy in the ring tra la la lah. 

Brown guy in the ring tra la la lah. 

Brown guy in the ring tra la la lah.

Some examples of recent events in the present past;

  • Mr. Robot > brown guy = opening scene he is a pedophile that owns a coffee shop and was trading child porn
  • Mr. Robot > brown guy = meets Swedish metro gay guy they hook up
  • Tron > brown guy = Sam enters the digital good and meet crazy brown guy who is acting wacko and then screams and jumps to his death out of fear or something
  • Jurassic park > brown guy = lets people be eaten and loses control of the park and get eaten by dinosaurs
  • Billions > brown girl = lesbian hook up lawyer spy double agent sellout that becomes a collaborator 
  • The Colony > brown guy = was the fake Geronimo who makes the deal with the devil to make a fake patsy and gets betrayed by the Transitional Authority
  • XFiles > brown guy = terrorists Mozlums garbage mind controlled drones foolish targets but they are either praying most of the time or trying to get or failing to get white chicks and die in suicide mission.



We are sure there are other examples, but for now point made for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the brown brothers and sisters are being given the nig*** treatment courtesy of the Hollywood Magicians.

So we throw our cards on your table and sing the Song of Redemption and Victory. Its a holy holy day.

Why the Negroid race would be complaining about lack of respect in relation of the Oscars is beyond understanding given the plight of the poor Indian Fellows.

How long before the poor Indian Fellow can even be elevated to sit even at that table? Oh dear oh dear oh dear what an odious deal they made for such crumbs and such pettiness. 

We were willing cheap and shameless slaves.