Parallel Universes and the Altered Timelines within the Mandela Effect

Parallels – A sci-fi adventure, Parallels follows the lives of estranged brother and sister, Ronan and Beatrix, who are reunited when their father mysteriously disappears. Their neurotic neighbor Harold tags along on their search for their missing father, which leads them to a building that they accidentally discover is a portal to parallel Earths. On their travels, they are joined by Polly, a seasoned traveler, who teaches them the ins and outs of jumping from one Earth to another. Ronan and Beatrix ultimately reconnect as they uncover the dark truths behind their family’s broken history.

These themes and narratives of parallel universes and concepts such as the Mandela Effect are being heavily pushed on the population and we can only surmise that as an agenda these are next on the list of things to come. Prepare.