Magick as the only Honest Profession?

Magicians tell you he will lie and deceive you and he does. 

True that, but what was the real meaning of this statement? You deceived yourself that is when you convince yourself that a lie is the truth. 

Our Memories are not in our favour, they were used against us and we forgot what was no convenient, but there is a record being kept and there is a test at the end.

Art is the real deception because when you give yourself over to that deception and believe it becomes Magick. These words and images and statements are true and lies for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

These are examples of how Magick becomes Mainstream and accepted as Normal and Cool and OK and not a Problem. Welcome to your reality. You are drowning in Magick on a daily basis and yet you still deny it.

There is no Good Magick to cure the Bad Magick. All of it is bad and a grand lie and grand deception and a grand failure. You are choosing this life over the next and you will not taste any goodness from engaging in these dark arts.


Yes now we see you indeed for what you really are.

From Wikipedia;

John Dee was dedicated to the Judeo-Christian magic, astrology and Hermetic philosophy and in an effort to Contacting angels assisted him from 1582 to 1587, the medium Edward Kelley . This collaboration was the Enochian language forth.