The TV “program” The Colony from the “USA Network” is letting us know that the most important day in Human History is coming soon and it is [SPOILER ALERT] centered around a new religion and the unveiling of a new Grey Pope aka Hiram Abiff aka Osiris aka Lucifer aka Imposter Nation of Israel aka False Jesus character that is coming to “save” Humanity.

Do you know why this “MAN” is and what is he bringing in his “secret book” in the Valley of Dry Bones aka LA the Valley?

They are after your children because they know they are the last piece of the resistance since their parents have already checked out and checked in to the Hotel California.

The infection was spread by many means; by air, water, vaccines, food, TV and Technology – they were all used against the unsuspecting masses.

Not convinced? Still sailing down the Nile? Why a statue of Osiris at the Vatican Museum?


From Wikipedia;

[The Obelisk was] placed on the spina which ran along the centre of the Circus of Nero, where it would preside over Nero’s countless brutal games and Christian executions.

What an odd choice to keep at the centre of your religion? Which religion is the Catholic Church practicing?


And here we come to the most ironic and sad part of the equation of our present Technology based Mass Media Conundrum where the “Medium is the Message”.

How to disengage from this system without using Technology? How to wake up without this information tool?

Simple – take what is good and leave the rest.

Reject what you find odious with either your tongue, your hands, your mind, or your intentions, but choose at least one and never say I cannot do anything. There will be a quiz at the end of the test. Some will pass while others will fail.