When you live in a FEAR based society you get diseases such as Leaky Gut

Fibromyalgia, Auto-Immune Disorders, and others.

Listen to this video and practice what these teachers are teaching.

An Action Plan and some Key Takeaways;

  1. Stop giving the Predators Powers over you
  2. Anxiety is affecting you as well as those around you 
  3. Practice “keys to wellness rather than cures to illness” – Emily Gowor
  4. Research and development focus is misplaced and should be on “educating wellness rather than medicating illness”
  5. Return to empathy and the heart
  6. Doctors and Big Pharma and legal Prescription medications are the number one killers of patients in the USA
  7. 300,000 patients die from

    Big Pharma

    medications and not illegal drugs are the number one killer of patients in the USA

  8. Follow the money as the saying goes and you will see both the problem and the solution
  9. Placebo affect with side effects explains Big Pharma medications
  10. 90% of Diseases are due to lifestyle choices?

  11. You are an Infinite Being and a Master of Destiny and the Master of your Future coupled with Empathy and Belief all was always within you..

From Wikipedia;

Globally it is estimated that 142,000 people died in 2013 from adverse effects of medical treatment up from 94,000 in 1990.

Yes Physicians and Doctors are dangerous to your health – beware of them. This industry is given by greed, profits, the bottom line, and corporate interests not the public good or wellness or mental health or any health.