William Cooper, author of the famous Behold a Pale House book explains how the Hegelian Dialectic system has been used to sell the second biggest scam in world financial history called the “Ozone Layer CO2 Emissions Global Warming Global Cooling Scam”.

The biggest scam in world financial is the money itself and we will explain it in more details soon in another article.

How and Why and Where based Civilizations;


Time to start applying what we are learning here into life and asking the Why What Where When Why and How based questions that responsible Adults are supposed to ask. For Justice. For Forgiveness. For Humanity. For MotherEarth.

Combine with Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement and then we are really going places friends and foes alike.


If things are still not clear then take the poor greenies of BC, Canada as an example. The poor folk of this land have been paying a Carbon Tax for the last 8 years without an ounce of demonstrable affect on the environment which people can see with their own eyes or feel? And the entire thing is revenue neutral? Yes.

People of BC is your environment cleaner or friendlier now after the carbon tax? Really? Does the sky look any different now? 

The people of Canada have sold all their Gold and have gone FULL DIGITAL and now realize they have bought the entire Global Warming Scam hook like and sinker as the saying goes. They must be tampering with good Cannabis there otherwise you could not possible have not 



According to the BC Government;

The carbon tax is revenue neutral, meaning every dollar generated by the tax is returned to British Columbians through reductions in other taxes.


Excuse us, but why then levy a tax when it is revenue neutral?! 

A giant merry go around of government bureaucracy layer cake of time and energy and resource wasting pass the money around to your buddies aka highly paid consultants to solve a fake problem with the environment. Really? Yes. Yes. Yes.

This entire scam is a further step in the control grid to increase state control give us the illusion this is a real problem when it is really fake and that it can only be solved with a reduction in your lifestyle and further taxation. Understood?