Episode: Distant Cousins.

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An alien scientist finds evidence linking his species’ ancestry to Earth, but government officials refuse to accept his evidence because it conflicts with existing doctrine.

From Wikipedia;

Writer Brannon Braga saw “Distant Origin” as being a metaphor for the relationship between Galileo Galilei and the Catholic Church. He described it as “the perfect episode” because it included not only that metaphor, but also a “what-if” science fiction premise and a unique structure as the episode follows the Voth as they investigate the humans.

On the planet where Voyager’s crew had previously been marooned, Professor Gegen and his assistant Veer, two paleontologists of a space-faring saurian species known as the Voth, discover the skeletal remains of a human. They are fascinated by the similarity of its genome to their own species, and Gegen suggests that this supports the highly controversial Distant Origin theory, that the Voth had originated on a far-distant planet instead of the current area of space from which they rule their empire. Proof of the theory has been sought by other Voth scientists, but the heretical theory has often led to their exile.


Star Trek Voyager’s episode on Evolution explains who the Reptilians are that David Icke talks about. The hidden spirits are separate and distance as the Jinn. So we have many players in this demonic inspired and led game.

Anonymous Rex Explains their Evolution;

Watch all 3 parts.

Don Marshall Explains the Vril Reptilians;

Harald Kautz Vella



To summarize and connect the dots;

  • Evolution exists and they have had 65 million years to go through it
  • They are using advanced technology to mask their appearance
  • They are hiding in plain sight amongst us and we cannot see them
  • They have infiltrated the highest levels of government and levers of power
  • We are the aliens; we were cast out of the garden and sent here to rule
  • They were the original inhabitants of Earth and consider it all theirs
  • What we saw on Star Trek and Star Wars were not Fictional characters
  • They are created hyrbrids mixing human DNA with their DNA as mentioned in the X-Files alien DNA reference with artificially created human aka clones
  • When the original hosts is killed the replicants aka clones are duplicated over and over again within a soulless body now occupied by demonic spirits and influences


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