Miles Johnston reports;

Ground breaking whistleblower from Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolan III. Features Unacknowledged Special Access Program – Deep Operations, USAF (subset) ZETA DIAGENES/CLEAREYES LEVE I-V:- ZETA DIOGENES / CLEAREYES, this was the USAF Subset that he believes came about from the likes of Eric Von Marbod, Gen. Phil Gast, Gen. Howard Fish, & Irving Davidson, listed in many places.

A series of talks with Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolan III and other guests well worth the listen because you will definitely learn new things and alternative reading of history.

Learn what really happened with the Hadron Collider and the shut down of the tunnels in CERN.

Given that he was wearning a bulletproof vest during the entire series should given us some idea of the level of information being shared here. Watch before it is taken down or someone is taken out to the “freedom train”.