Miles Johnston from Bases 37;

Published on Mar 1, 2016

Bases 37 continues with a rebroadcast of a 2hr special featuring Max Spiers, and also Miles Johnston, and Sethikus Bosa, (in side 2 only). As Max’s statements are focused in Bases 37, for the purposes of the archive, and for search engines, this Bases 50 section is edited for use here as part of Bases 37.
Broadcast on the online station Revolution Radio, Queen of Harr English Fleet Street investigative journalist Christine Joanna Hart. 

Christine has many of the so called “Super Soldier” qualities, such as active travel in the “Astral”, and was involved with some of the most intriguing elements in history, serial killers, the Real IRA, and so forth. Christine was ousted from the Murdoch papers, when she was set up. They wanted to know how she got here information… she “slept on it” Astral traveled, and was on a £150,000 salary getting this information for Fleet St. She is a self professed spy for MI-6 “Front Companies”. So now we give her interviewed with Max, Miles Johnston is also on the round table, later joined by Sethikus.

Some audio issues and “Skype jamming occurred”, as Max touched on “difficult” subjects.

Explanation @zurichtimes;

Max Spiers a former “Super Solider” confirms that yes Michelle is in fact the male androgynous Michael. He also also explained the 

androgynous agenda of the Old World Order since the people who have been in power are still in power and there is now New World Order coming as we were expecting.

If readers are interested in the Michelle or Michael discussion skip to 46 minute mark to start listening.

Other topics that were covered;

  • Child sacrifices
  • The timeline to place the final capstone on the pyramid
  • How males are escalated in modern western civilization
  • What was the Matrix
  • How minds are shattered for mind programming
  • Who controls alien abductions
  • Travelling between different dimensions
  • Cattle mutilations
  • The fate of Californi and Texas
  • Male and Femal sexual energies
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