Miles Johnston interviews Max Spiers;

Max Spiers returns to the Bases Project with this first section recorded in the MJM studio in Wiltshire. Here he discusses with Miles Johnston of the Bases project, The Attack on the Human Heart.

This is now under the “British Post Disclosure” world, now that the British have declared UFOs are Real, we are governed by nonhuman of ‘off world elements’. Part of this control is to attack the creativity of the human beings, destroy their respected establishments, even to the extent of British Royals being a patsy, that is, they like many others are expendable. (John Urwin calls them the “Second Degrees”

Further contributors in Bases 59-2 are Natasha Arthurs, with camera and edit by OYA1100, Kathy Thomas, and in Bases 59-3 Max’s 3rd show with Christine Joanna Hart (Ref Bases 50) Here we include this as part of Bases 53, as its within the references made here.

“Max Spiers Solo” refers to Max now appearing in various conferences (Warsaw, Poland April 22nd 2016), and other conferences and media outlets on his own.