Our good brother Alex Jones may be trying tell us a little secret called the Second American Revolution disguised in and with Hollywood movies aka Predictive Mind Programming. 

Could the Newt Knight character be the Black Knight or Dark Knight or Cobra Commander altergo that Alex Jones likes to play? Has brother Alex Jones made a deal with the powers that be to take over in a Republic of Texas takeover movie?

STX Entertainment reports;

Set during the Civil War, Free State of Jones tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones. Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War.

Alex Jones is promoting a movie on his YouTube channel this month April 2016, but not the one he should be? He is promoting Revelation: Dawn of Global Government which calls for a Second American Revolution, but the real movie he may be hinting at and using as “Predictive Programming” may be the movie called Free State of Jones opening this summer in 2016 with fellow Texan actor and Illuminati insider Matthew McConaughey.

Who is the production company behind this grand epic on the Second American Revolution? Well who better to produce American movies than the Chinese and their endless Dollars aka Federal Reserve Notes and that is exactly what Huayi Brothers Media has been doing for the last 10 plus years.


In a deal worth $2.6 billion, Dalian Wanda back in May 2012 bought AMC Entertainment Holdings and Dalian Wanda bought Legendary Entertainment Group for $3.5 billion in January 2016. 

The Chinese sponsored Second American Revolution was being well run and orchestrated behind the scenes or in front of the scenes? Who was the real Newt Knight aka New Leader?