How the movie Cabin in the Woods explains several conspiracies as well as the Evil Dead related movies;

  • Are hikers and backpackers being kidnapped and disappearning? Yes
  • Are government agencies conducting secret experiments in underground bases? Yes
  • Are government agencies making blood sacrifice offerings to ancient demons? Yes
  • Are government agencies hiding ancient demons and monsters in underground bases? Yes
  • Are government agencies conducting secret experiments on their own citizens? Yes
  • Does Cannabis protect you from mind control agents and agencies? Yes

This movie is a modern day classic and needs to be studied carefully for all the embedded messages contained within. The above a just a small sampling of what is being shown and discussed in this movie. For Hollywood forecasting and mind programming and magick to work remember according to their golden rule they must show you what they are doing in advance for the spells and casts to work on the audience. It all requires your willing and willful consent.

Yes Cannabis as protection from mind control.

Enjoy the movie as education and not entrainment or entertainment and remember that it is all about Free Will and Choices. It it is up to each individual to make choices and bear to consequences of each decision. The evil ones and their co-conspirators are there just to offer you the choice, but it is you that makes the final decision whether to open that door. Remember again not all doors are meant to be opened. Heedlessness is not and will not suffice as an excuse.