Special Report from Sister Ciara

I have a question for you.

If I was to describe an American politician whose popularity among the people of his nation was due to his hatred of the free trade agreements that were destroying jobs, was openly trashing the political elites for creating a political system whereby the ordinary people were left out of the decision making processes for the nation, nearly every day railed against European nations for not doing their fair share, and in spite of the daily attacks against him by the mainstream press was able to not only run for President of the United States, but win it too—how many of you would think I’m talking about Donald Trump?

Everyone who thought I was talking about Donald Trump are mistaken, and, also, forgiven because the President I was referring to was assassinated 115 years ago, and since then has been relegated to the dustbin of history by the American elite classes because not only were they terrified of this man, they despised him—and his name was William McKinley.