Britain First invades London’s biggest Halal slaughterhouse! What a bunch of maggots. We can almost guarantee you this was a Zionist shill operation and that this lady Jayda Fransen is a paid and controlled operative getting revenge for the imminent election of London’s first “Muslim" Mayor hence the freak out and hence the distraction operations and hence the politics of divide and conquer and hence why the comments section has been disabled for this video because they know they will be called out on their evil within minutes. This photo is the what hate and evil looks like. Get familiar with it because there are lots more demons that are about to be unleashed. Shame on your Britain First for selling your souls to the Demons.

If you wanted proof here it is;

You may not be too familiar with it but a policy in Britain First’s manifesto states: “Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently.”

So it is rather awkward that the far-right group’s deputy leader is of foreign descent, according to an amateur family history researcher.

A blog written for the Exposing Britain First group states: “I’ve been studying family history now for long enough to suspect that you aren’t completely British. Fransen is not a British name. So I decided to have a little dig around.


So there you go. Confirmation of a foreign operative confirmed. This video and operation is an example of what the Zionist Cabal are up to and how they operate and it will be on the biggest fails and exposes in coming days and weeks of their power and evil.

We are not falling for your lies and deceit Ms. Fransen. At least be kind enough to tell us your real Jewish Zionist name so can rest in peace.