Strange vibes indeed brother
Strange vibes indeed brother

Yesterday was watching Independence Day not sure why but is mentioned here and was released in 1996 ie 69 reversed and new re-release in June 24, 2016 and the discovery of Roswell again 69 years ago…strange?

As you were talking about Root Boy and Mackenzie on the Wikipedia entry mentions he took LSD and jumped the White House and today a shots were fired on the White House lawn as someone breached the fence…strange?

Looks like Cyber or October and Money and Trans next to the 69 and has a Green Devil smiling odd that was just reading a forecast for a market crash this October before watching this video…strange?

Have been thinking of movie Blade for the last few days not sure why, but again Blade is drawn on the wall there again…strange?

Trump’s birthday coming up on June 14, 1946; the window for the 69 symbolism to make sense means his future will be decided very soon?

Coincidence Theories and Conspiracy Theories will both be laid to rest finally this year in 2016…

Peace as a Human Right…not strange.