Even Jewish Naomi Wolf Says Hillary Clinton Is A Pro Police State War Monger Owned By War Profiteers! 

Who is left to defend this Demon Democrat Dine coming to office? Simple answer about 40% of the Amerikan population.

We have become very comfortable or at least used to our condition and this is part of our mass Stockholm Syndrome where the victim speaks for and defends the criminal out of fear or delusion or a combination of the two, but the bottom line is that when you begin to defend the actions of your oppressor then you have lost both your mind and your freedom.

If Readers think we are exaggerating then take a look and a listen to the this One Direction song on guess what topic; yes Stockholm Syndrome in both Lyrics and Pictures. Only in modern western civilizations where Demoncracy reigns supreme we celebrate and sing about our oppression, forced confinement, loss of freedom, and imprisonment. What an upside down world we have unleashed upon ourselves…

A Mass Social Mental Health Crisis