How (Fake) Jews* Talk, Another classic expose from

Brother Nathanael.


Meanwhile here is the Patriach visiting the Penguins in Antarctica.

Lest we are accused of being “Anti-Semitic” here are some scholars and historical figures speaking about this question;

Rabbi Josef Antebi speaking about being born as a Palestinian Jew.

We should standardize the use of Jews* with an asterix to mean Fake Zionist Jews the Cult of Saturn Symbology and the Star of Remphan behind the Star of David which has been falsely attributed to David.

Listen to the words of the good Rabbi here because even as we have been trying to edit and post this story the code is being changed the links to the videos we are provided are being deleted. Edits to such articles are being actively blocked and tampered with; not sure why or how, but seems like the usual suspects doing their usual deeds. It would not be an issue if it was isolated, but when it happens repeatedly then there something not so Kosher going on here? We will persevere against the Shills and the Satanists.

When we can learn to agree to disagree and have conversations and dialogue about issues of importance only then can we progress as a learned and stable society. When one group hijacks and usurps all power then that is when we have an imbalance of power in politics and society as a whole and ensuing problems associated with it. Discernment begins with seeking to understand before demanding to be understood.