This post is more for information and solidarity than for anything else as a foreigner commenting on these issues, but for those who are not aware of their own rights at checkpoints here is a brief primer.

The key principles here are RIGHTS and CONSENT.

Remain CALM and KNOW your RIGHTS.

Hope it helps and the Forces of Darkness are lifted from Amerika and the rest of the world so we can all live in peace and freedom.

The CONSENT is not a small thing because when we give them our CONSENT they can use it to do anything and everything they can get away it. The slippery slope BEGINS and ENDS with CONSENT.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from interfering with your right to remain silent, to consult with an attorney, and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. However, it is up to you to assert these rights. This NORML Foundation Freedom Card will help you do so effectively. If you are confronted by a police officer, remain calm. Be Courteous and provide your identification. Politely refuse to answer any further questions. Ask to talk to an attorney. Do not consent to any search of your person, your property, your residence or your vehicle. Tell the officer you would
Like to give him or her card, which is a statement of the constitutional rights you wish to invoke. Do not reach for this card until you have obtained the officer’s permission to do so.

What to say to police if stopped;

I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the following rights and Privileges afforded to me by the U.S. Constitution:
• I invoke and refuse to waive my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Do not ask me any questions.
• I invoke and refuse to waive my Sixth Amendment right to an Attorney of my choice. Do not ask me any questions without my Attorney present.
• I invoke and refuse to waive all privileges and rights pursuant to the case Miranda v. Arizona. Do not ask me any questions or make any comment to me about this decision.
• I invoke and refuse to waive my Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. I do not consent to any search or seizure of myself, my home, or of any property in my possession. Do not ask me about my ownership interest in any property. I do not consent to this contact with you. If I am not presently under arrest or under investigatory detention, please allow me to leave.
• Any statement I make, or alleged consent I give, in response to your questions is hereby made under protest and under duress and in submission to your claim of lawful authority to force me to provide you with information.

Get your card to have with you always when stopped;

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