The New Land of Sodom is the Modern Western Civilization

Any nation that promotes and normalizes Sodomy to such an extent and with such reckless abandon has to be considered the New Land of Sodom. Congratulations Amerika on being so tolerant of your own upcoming destruction.


Case #1 – Changing Attitudes 

[PhillyNews] A growing number of Americans are having gay sex, or at least admitting to it. And that’s OK with more and more of us.

“People over time are reporting more same-sex sexual experiences than ever before,” said Brooke Wells, a social psychologist at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies.

The behavioral trend, reflected in an annual survey conducted between 1973 and 2014, was fueled largely by people who had sex with both men and women. There has been little change in the number of people reporting exclusively homosexual behavior.

The changes were reported Wednesday in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The research team included faculty from Widener, Florida Atlantic, and San Diego State Universities. A total of 33,728 people answered the survey over the 41-year period.

The number of U.S. adults who said they had at least one same-sex sexual partner doubled between the early 1990s – that question wasn’t asked earlier – and the early 2010s, from 3.6 to 8.7 percent for women and from 4.5 to 8.2 percent for men. Bisexual behavior rose from 3.1 to 7.7 percent, accounting for most of the change.

The survey found that only 1.7 percent of men and 0.9 percent of women said they had exclusively homosexual sex.


Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents who said they believed same-sex behavior was “not wrong at all” rose dramatically, from 11 percent in 1973 and 13 percent in 1990 to 49 percent in 2014.

Among men, the youngest and oldest generations had the smallest proportion reporting same-sex sex from 2010 to 2014: 7.5 percent. That compared with 8.2 percent of baby boomers and 9 percent of those in Generation X.

For women, same-sex experiences are much more common among those who are younger. Only 2.4 percent of women born before 1945 said they had had sex with another woman. More than 12 percent of Millennials and 11 percent of Generation Xers said in the latest surveys that they had done so.

Women who attended church once a month or more were less likely to have sex with other women.

Wells said there’s no way of knowing whether behavior has changed or people are now more comfortable admitting what they’re doing. It is probably some combination of the two.


The survey did not ask until very recently whether respondents identified as gay or bisexual, so researchers don’t know whether respondents considered their behavior an experiment rather than a function of stable sexual orientation. The complex sexual attitudes of young people make that kind of labeling particularly difficult.

“More and more young people today are sort of rejecting those very strict labels of gay, straight, or bisexual and saying, ‘I’m fluid or queer,’ ” Wells said.

“People are increasingly complicating the measurement.”

Sexuality researchers say female sexuality tends to be more fluid than male and can change, in both directions, throughout the life span.

About 10 percent of Midwestern men reported same-sex experiences, compared with 4.5 percent in the East, 7.1 percent in the West, and 9.4 percent in the South. Among women, 11.3 percent of those in the West said they’d had a same-sex experience, compared with 7.4 percent in the Midwest, 7.9 percent in the East, and 8.3 percent in the South.


Case #2 – The Chemsex and the War on Drugs

[The Mirror] Chemsex is a word used mostly in relation to men who have sex with men (MSM), and describes the use of drugs during sex, which is increasingly leading to unsafe sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Gay sex has a long history of sexual liberation and drug use, says David Stuart, substance-use lead at London’s 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic.

He pointed out three new drugs where recreational low-harm drug use has become acceptable, methamphetamine, mephedrone and GHB, gamma hydroxybutyrate, which are anything but less harmful.

They cause loss of sexual inhibitions and are associated with poor condom use, more sexual partners and high-risk sexual practices.

And, according to Professor Jane Anderson, a consultant HIV physician at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, these substances are associated with unsafe sex, plus more and more people are injecting these drugs too.

A 2013 survey showed that around 3,000 of the 7,000 MSM who attended the 56 Dean Street clinic every month were using chemsex drugs.

Last year, they published findings from a survey of 874 men involved in chemsex. Sexual episodes of 12 to 48 hours were found to be the norm, with nearly half reporting four to 10 partners per episode.

A third were living with HIV, almost a third were injecting drug users and 70% hadn’t had sober sex in the previous six months.

“It’s possible that at just one party, there are between three and six new HIV infections,” says Stuart, who attributes the surge in HIV and hepatitis C infections in London and possibly other UK cities to chemsex.

The Chemsex epidemic is another indicator of how the War on Drugs was another sick joke played on the public by the Government. All readers should watch these movies to understand what Governments are capable of and what they have been up to with the War on Drugs. 


Case #3 – the Lesbian Hordes

Lesbian sex has now according to porn viewing the most searched term. It seems to the preferred secret choice of what is on the Amerikan mind.

[Pornhub Insights] 

While search terms can be quite subjective, many people prefer to browse videos in the nearly 100 category pages available on Pornhub. Here again, “Lesbian” is the top ranking category across much of the United States, very nearly mirroring our search term map. Interestingly though, “teen” is the top ranking category viewed in 19 different Western, Mid-West and North-East states, but it’s not a top searched term in any state. Across most of the South, plus New York state, the most viewed category is “ebony”.


[The Daily Beast] America is getting gayer. It’s getting gayer all the time.

Not only do a full seven percent of Millennials now identify as LGBT, a new study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the percentage of Americans who reported a same-sex sexual experience doubled between the early 1990s and the 2010s.

The study—conducted by researchers at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), San Diego State University (SDSU), and Widener University—analyzed nearly 34,000 responses to the the General Social Survey (GSS), which has been administered to representative samples of U.S. adults since 1972.

Sherman and study co-author Dr. Jean Twenge (who is a Daily Beast contributor), a psychology professor at SDSU, are not surprised by this nationwide trend toward greater sexual freedom.
In previous articles, they have examined other large social shifts over time—in religiosity, for example, and in reported personal happiness.

What they are witnessing is a trend away from restrictive cultural norms toward individualism, which Sherman loosely defines as seeing the “self as an actor who is responsible for their own choices, decisions, and behaviors.”

Sherman told the Daily Beast that they suspect “individualism is driving all of these changes,” taking care to point out that individualism is not a value specific to younger generations of Americans.

The history and the lessons from Sodom and the Days of Lot should be clear for all, but unfortunately in our Political Correct Alter World what is Right has been turned into Wrong and what is Wrong has been turned with Good.