[SyrianGirlPartisan] reports;

The Syrian army must defeat ISIS and hold Raqqa before the US and Kurdish YPG get there, for the unity of Syria and the survival of Syria’s Assyrian christian population.

Please don’t blame Kurds for the actions of YPG or KRG. They do not represent Kurdish people as the media tries to portray. As I said in the video some Kurds are loyal Syrian citizens. Some kurds arrived in the time of Saladin’s and settled in Homs and became a part of our society, and they abhor the sectarianism behind the kurdistan agenda. Obviously many are running because they don’t want their kids conscripted by YPG. They just want to live their lives instead of being dragged into perpetual wars. Like Zionists don’t have the best interests of the Jewish people at heart, neither do Zionist kurds have the best interest of Kurds at heart. 

To the zionist a jew is just canon fodder for eretz israel “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the jews of europe” Yitzhak Gruenbaum. Though sadly many Kurds have been brainwashed into thinking the entire north half of Syria belongs to them, including historic Aleppo. They’ve been convince to deny their Persian ancestry. But It is better to convince them of the truth than to spread hatred against Kurds and drive them into the arms of the zionist kurds.



[ZurichTimes] The Demons of Daesh are on the verge of losing their stronghold and their capital in Syria and with this defeat the tide will turn and the all of the Demons will be sent back to Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Zionist Israel from where they came in the first place.

Large shifts are occuring in this second half of 2016 as new alliances are being formed. The battle is now between the Russian Alliance that had China and Iran, but now a new member in Israel has been added since Putin has decided to throw his weight behind Israel.

To decode the mess in Syria you will need a Syrian Girl by your side to guide you otherwise you will have no idea who is doing what or even who is first or what is on second. The wisdom of Solomon is needed indeed.

Hopefully these videos can help to explain the situation better than the Main Stream Presstitutes lies.