[TheMercifulServant Channel] Dracula was one of the greatest enemies of the Muslim Ottoman State, he was not a vampire or fairy tale, rather he was a vicious crusader who fought against the army of Muhammad al-Fatih. Join Musa Cerantonio as he discusses this amazing episode in Islamic history.

A Crash Course on Dracula

Vlad the Impaler

Now for the best part of this short foray into History; guess who is related to and a descendant from Vlad the Impaler and the Son of the Devil. None other than Prince Charles of the “Royal Family of Great Britain”. Now you can understand the madness and murderous lineage of the Royal of the UK.

Truly a “stake” will be driven into the heart of this evil empire and will become a piece of “steak” as we foolishly celebrate the Demon Reptile Queen’s 90th Birthday. We hope to be celebrating her Abdication soon as well in 2016 as her not so Royal Family’s crimes against Humanity are finally revealed.

The truth is out there and those who used to ridicule the Satanic Reptilian nature of these “Royals” finally will see her true face revealed on live TV during her Coronation aka her Abdication in 2016.