Israeli News Live reports; 

As shocking as this may be it is true that a Two State solution has been reached, but has not gone public. Inside information has uncovered the evidence who signed the Two State Solution deal and when it was signed. It also appears that there are those in the Knesset that intend to overturn the deal.

This news channel is the not the only one reporting essentially the same information. What we have been told about the so-called Peace deal with Iran and the US and in fact it was about much more. It was in fact about the realignment of the entire Middle East and the recent meeting between Putin and Netanyahu, in fact their third in person meeting this year has produced a joint declaration between the parties that they will be conducting join military exerices. The Middle East has been divided up between Israel as the Landowner and Main Occupier in Charge and Russia as the Main Enforcer to replace the US who used to fulfill this role.

The Americans have essentially been kicked out of the region wholesale, but not before securing the biggest aid package in history. So one final shafting before the slaughter. This agreement to sideline and send the Americans packing was mutally agreed between the Israelis Russians Saudis and Iranians. They were all in agreement on this issue of the American influence in the region.

It is no wonder this realignment has resulted in the French removing some sanctions against the Russias and then sending Special Forces into Syria. This move signifies the end also of NATO influence in this region and the crowning of Russia as the Enforcer of Peace/War. France has broken ranks with NATO and left the Anglo-American Alliance with Britain just ahead of Brexit coincidentally since the Brits known what is afoot in the region.

Therefore we are seeing the birth of a new Grand Alliance of Zionists in which the Russia have decided to take apart. It may be hard to believe, but Pax Judaica has been born with Israel as the new Hegemon in the region with the full acquiescene of all the parties in this region meaning that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordon, Qatar, Iran, UAE, Bahrain,

The only holdouts to this Zionist Pax Judaica Alliance are now the war torn nations of Yemen and Syria. The quasi state organization Hezbollah has also been sold out by some elements inside the Iranian administration who have signed and made a pact with the Jesuit Luciferians Zionist Cabal in return for Cash and access to the Middle East Oil market and being able to take credit for Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution.

And this Sunni Shia Alliance between Yemen Syria Hezbollah will be joined by the long anticipated and awaited Mahdi figure who will emerge soon out of Saudi Arabia with the coming of the Smoke [Dukhan] related to the coming of Planet X and its many associated Earth and Weather changes. This region was been primed and readied for this event using the Demons of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

Russia has chosen to strike a deal with the Zionist Israels to further its influence in the region and in one move replace the role of the Americans in the region as the main Military Might and Muscle. This move also gives them access to the newly discovered oil fields just off the coast of Israel which will now be developed with Russian technology and financed by Russian money and the security for the regionw will now be provided by them as well.

Readers should also watch the longer full version of this interview to understand the backroom deal that has been struck for the creation of Pax Judaica. What is exactly Pax Judaica is the literally the fulfillment of a hadith or oral historical tradition or transmission of knowledge from the Islamic perspective. The three prophesized empires were the British then the American and the last and final one in Zionist Israel as the impostor usurper of the land in the form of Pax Judaica.

This video from Imran Hosein an Islamic scholar who specializes in the Islamic Eschatology or the study of End Times has spoken and warned at length about this prophecy for several years now. He has also pointed out that the False Messiah will emerge out of Iran not Israel with an army of 70,000 followers according to Islamic Eschatology.

The Zionist Israelis in return are going to pretend to give the Palestinians a state of their own, but we are thinking this move is just a prelude to a classic Zionist backstab in which we will see the Palestinians and all Arabs removed entirely from all of Israel in one final swoop and solution. And no nation will have any backbone to say anything or do anything of value.

Too many pieces are in play and still in flux for a comprehensive picture right now ahead of any Planet X appearance, but with after this planetary event things will become much more clear. However, all indications are that for the crowning of a new Messiah in a new Temple in Jerusalem once this ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians takes place to coincidence with a fake Peace deal as part of a two state solution.

The psy-ops to place the Temple in the minds and hearts of the masses has been consistently happening already and it should not be a coincidence to learn that the Olympics will take in Rio in August 2016 and that in Sao Paulo an exact replica of the Third Temple of Zion has already been built and opened and is now only awaiting for the emergence of their Messiah.

Please note something important about this Third Temple that was built in Sao Paulo and it is that this temple was constructed using “Jerusalem Stone” meaning technically this Temple was built using parts of Jerusalem and could in affect stand in place of the other Jerusalem where a coronation of the Messiah could take place since a replica of the Ark of the Covenant and all the other pieces of the puzzle are already present here. Watch the ceremony and see what has been happening in the past few years.

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As a final word it is shameful to watch Putin now strike a backroom deal with the Zionist State of Israel and sell out the rest of humanity in the process. They abandoned the Syrians in the middle of the fight against the Demons of Daesh and left Aleppo to be slaughtered and now they are cutting a deal for Oil and Gas rights to Europe pandering to Israeli interests for a few lousy Shekels.

We are thinking these series of events will mark the start of the end of the Putin reign and the introduction of a new General that will take the ranks of power in Russia.

[Washington Institute] If each nation had its own all-consuming phobia, Russia’s would be “no access to the warm seas.” Ever since Catherine the Great made Russia a major power controlling much of the northern Eurasian landmass, Moscow has had a cardinal foreign policy rule: “Never get frozen in the north, lest you lose your great power status.”

This prophecy for Russia to not be a frozen empire of the north means its keys to power and its place in history lie in the warm waters of Pakistan and the warm embrace of Damascus and thereby Islamabad and Jerusalem and Constantinople [present day Istanbul] as well. The end of the Obama regime and the end of the Putin regime in one swoop to allow the crowning of the False Messiah now makes much more sense.