[Gavin Seimhttp://callmegav.com – I never expected to find this while going to buy light bulbs. They were setup here and at Home Depot in Moses Lake Washington. Not good. Inserting themselves into communities to get us used to it?


Granted this video was filmed back in September 2015, but what is interesting to note is that even back then FEMA was preparing for an event in the Cascadia region and “educating” the public on Emergency Preparedness and it was just last week they ran their Cascadia Rising Exercise in the same region. What are they preparing for and when will they let the public know of any impending disasters?


We have reported on the work of FEMA in an earlier article and it is worth revisiting to see what these Government Goons are hiding in plain.


Here is how Hollywood “imagines” the end;


If Hollywood is the public announcement agency of the Government and it is used to set the narrative for the public just as news is entertainment and what we see as entertainment [films, movies, music videos] are actually the real news in disguise. It is the law of reversal. What is down is up and what is up is down in the Black Magical view of the world from the perspective of the Wizards and Witches of Hollywood.

Roseanne’s America | Interview with Roseanne Barr