Moon Landing Hoax | “Moon Buggy” LRV is a Willys Jeep.

Another example of how the Magicians Nazis at NASA have lied to us from the very beginning and the main point here is in relation to the entire Flat Earth argument and debate. If NASA can be exposed as obvious liars with the faked Moon landing then by logical deduction they can and have and will lie about the shape and size and photos of the Earth. One follows the other and the entire house of cards collapses when piece of the puzzle is exposed as being fake and staged.

The Lift the Veil channel is named appropriately and here are some of his other videos exposing the Magicians Nazis at NASA.

Lest we forget the classic movie Project Capricorn which explained a long time ago how NASA works, but we have forgotten the lessons of history. It was perhaps the fluoride and the GMO and the WIFI and all the other toxins in the system?


Astronauts Charles Brubaker, John Walker, and Peter Willis (James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, and Sam Waterston, respectively) are hailed as heroes when they become the first men to be rocketed to Mars. Actually the space travelers are as phony as their mission controller, Dr. James Kelloway (Hal Holbrook); to avert a failure that might cost the space program its funding, the Mars-bound vessel has been sent up without a crew, while the helmeted astronauts sit on a movie soundstage, pretending to be in outer space for the benefit of the TV cameras. Unfortunately the Mars ship crashes on arrival, making the astronaut trio thoroughly expendable. Investigative reporter Robert Caulfield (Elliott Gould), who’s smelled a rat all along, races against time to prevent NASA from “terminating” the hapless astronauts in order to cover up the conspiracy.

The forked tongued folks at NASA could not bring themselves to admit they lied about the entire Lunar Landing Missions so they made a movie to expose their upcoming faked Mars landing instead. With such forward thinking logic who needs enemies; the public is so out of it they will believe anything presented to them. Even OJ Simpson looks innocent in this movie it was so well made.