TI Targeted Individual Rainetta Jones, who is a Bases TI witness, called this evening as she was about to get a major medical report on her scans. While the evidence in those Reports is damning, and show she is developing Cystic Fibrosis as a consequence of the energy weapons used against her, when those reports are given to her Dr to “tell her” what they mean, the actual evidence the Dr is getting is from SOMEBODY ELSE. So what they are doing is setting her up to meet a Psychiatrist to certify her Tonight! She has called from the US to tell me this as she walks in.
This is a trick they are using to silence TIs, who are getting evidence to the wider Public. The only other one so far to do is Marie Kayali ( Bases 19), who’s daughter was murdered and covered up by the Police and Court authorities. Her account was suppressed, and is only available in the details of her Bases witness statements.

This shows the scale of the Cyborgization of humanity, which is now emerging is being done by stealth using the touch screen technology in smart phones.
Only days ago a top Corporate CeO stated that Humans will be better off as Cyborgs, as Robots will on treat natural humans as Pets.

We are facing extermination and Cyborgization here.

WAKE UP People
Rainette was to have spoken at the forthcoming Bases 2016 event in Pewsey on Aug 12th-14th.