One of the strangest UFO sightings in recent memory.

Alien creature gets off alien ship for a biobreak?

Who or what was that ship and what was that thing that got off the alien ship?

Looks like it was taking a biobreak and the ship took off without him and then decided to beam it up once they realized their package had been left on the ground?

It is all speculation at this point for us humans. The miliary has all the good hardware so we are a little disadvantage.

This creature was the same thing spotted in June 2012 and now 4 years later again in June 2016?

What is odd here is that this Black Horse is tied somehow to Volcano activity because a second Black Horse was filmed near a Volcano in Mexico?

And here is a just a recent set of photos with the same type of mushroom cloud over the



Are these Alien UFOs now responsible for Volcano explosions and Earthquake activity? Here is another interesting piece of data.

We are not sure of the meanings of these disparate datasets we are sure of the warnings of the book Behold a Pale Horse.