In an amazing set of videos Enterthe5t4rz seems to have decoded the Orlando Shooting as another major hit by the Forces of Darkness that has a strangehold over humanity. These Forces are headquartered in the United States of course because that is where they derive most of their power, funding, support, and most importantly “passive victims”.

Readers will need to go through the entire series here in order to understand the bigger picture at play. These types of shootings are “RITUAL SACRIFICES”. There are three types of ritual sacrifices in the Luciferian world view; Blood Ritual Sacrifices and Fire Ritual Sacrifices and Child Sacrifices. They all engender power to the perpetrator from the Demons, Powers and Principalities that they worship.

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What in the world is going on in Orlando? We fear for the people of that region as for some reason this location has been chosen for multiple ritual sacrifices. First a famous singer is shot dead and the mic drops, then a Gay Bar full of Gays are mowed down in another ritual sacrifice, then a Fire Ritual Mound at Disney World, and now but not least a Child Sacrifice using a Gator at again Disney World.

It is also worth remembering that for each week of this Obama Administration there has been a blood sacrifice ritual shooting and we just saw the biggest one so far this week. What is in store for the few remaining weeks of this Administration? Will it end with a bang? Will it end at all on time? Will there even be a transition of government to a new President?

The claim that there had been (as of the end of 2015) 162 mass shootings under President Obama and 23 or less during the presidential terms of his predecessors was first posited by the web site on 2 December 2015. That website provided a PDF of their data as well as links to the various sources used to compile the information:

Data compiled from various sources including:

Mother Jones’ Investigation: US Mass Shootings, 1982-2015

Mass Shootings in the United States

List of Postal Shootings

Who are they making these sacrifices for? To what false deity are they making these sacrifices? It should not come as a surprise that somewhere somehow the Usual Suspects and the Usual Demons like Baal, Hubal, Molok, Mitharia, and Marduk are involved as they were in ancient times.

The danger in exposing these lies in the fact that they will or may have already activated Plan B based on how fast this story is falling apart. Other news sources have reported this fact already and it looks like the End of the Republic and the Free State of Jones and the Planet X are all lining up for a grand finale.