Today is 6/16/16 which may have some occult 666 significance and therefore is a date marker that requires continued vigilance and awareness and we have already witnessed a ritual blood sacrifice with the murder for a UK MP related to the Brexit EU Referendum today.

We also wanted to alert our readers to the spotting of Planet X or Nibiru or Wormwood or the Blue and Red Kachinas just yesterday in Australia on June 15, 2016.

What else lies in the future for humanity only time we be able to tell us, but we have some guides and some guidance to help us through these coming days. They are called warnings and warning signs. We have already witnessed several warnings and now it is our belief that we now entering the phase of warning signs. Warnings signs that cannot be ignored and dismissed as just fanciful and conspiracy and coincidence.

The Remain in the EU Camp was neck and neck with the Brexit side until just last week, when suddenly the vote swung to the Leave EU or Brexit side. This sudden perhaps unexpected shift required a course correction by making a blood ritual sacrifice to the False Gods of the Ancients. With the campaign of both sides now suspended and the vote just less than a week away it is difficult to say which way the vote will now swing. Will the UK remain in the EU or will its departure mark the end of the EU project and the start of banking collapses which will quickly spread to North America and then the rest of the World?

Was it just a coincidence that the man leading the Brexit campaign Boris Johnson the former Mayor of London who just handed over power to its first Muslim Mayor is now leading the charge to leave [as in disintegrate the EU]  was the same man leading the opening ceremony for the Temple of Baal in London last month? We are thinking these are not mere coincidences, but rather planned and orchestrated events made in the dark rooms of the Luciferians.

Here is how ZeroHedge is reporting the significance of the EU Brexit Vote;

[ZeroHedge] EU chiefs fear the referendum will spark similar demands across the continent. With elections due in the Netherlands, France and Germany in 2017, there’s reason to discourage others from following the U.K.’s course, and this could weaken Britain’s hand in negotiations. It could also divert the EU’s attention away from other issues, including Greek finances, the refugee crisis and tackling instability in Ukraine, according to Michael Leigh, senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund.

By this time, the political mist in the U.K. may be clearing. The EU could find itself dealing with another prime minister – someone like former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who supported Brexit and whom bookmakers have installed as the favorite to lead the Conservative Party. Whoever it is, the new British leader would probably have to extricate the U.K. from the EU while facing the prospect of a further referendum, on Scottish independence.

The U.K. would start talks to renegotiate EU agreements in areas as diverse as fishing quotas, financial-services legislation and health and safety standards established over more than 50 years, simultaneously having to start negotiating its own trade deals with the rest of the world. Talks would also have to begin on the relocation of EU bodies headquartered in the U.K., such as the European Banking Authority. Each step of the way must be agreed upon by the EU’s other members and the European Parliament, a process lasting at least seven years and with no guarantee of success, EU President Tusk told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

“No one can predict the long-term consequences,” Tusk said in the interview. “I fear that Brexit could be the beginning of the end not only of the EU, but of the entire western political civilization.”

If readers are skeptical about the use of Occult Numerology and Magic and Magicians then please refer to the training presentation given to GCHQ and Five Eyes Members in a recent expose by MSNBC and The Intercept where they revealed the use of Psy-Ops and Magic and other techniques to Destroy 4Ds.

The connections are clear and there to be seen if you are able to see the dots and make the connections without the fog of denial that pervades over most of humanity. It was not surprising that most of humanity was infected with the Apathy Virus. The Social Scientists and the Magicians at the GCHQ know this fact well and use it to great ends for their evil designs.

Here are Hopi elders explaining the symbology of the Blue and Red Kachina Stars.

Another series of sightings.

The Blue Star Kachina signifies a new beginning and a start of a “purification of planet earth” and the “death of America”. This information falls in line with what Kameran Faily has said in his presentation as well which we reported on earlier this month.

Consider that from May 8 to June 17th is also a 40 day marker. The significance is found in the Quran and in terms of an importance end tmes tims stamp and is therefore also mentioned by  mentioned by Kameran Faily in his presentation. His analysis was that after June 17th there would be 40 days in which the second passing of Planet X would occur during the Rio Olympics in July/August.

Another citizen seer has seen the same pattern in the number 176 and the date of June 17, 2016. It is time that the Prince of Darkness from Saudi Arabia is visiting Washington DC and will be heading to California soon for further meetings. Great portents and great signs in the skies for all to see.