[Truth Warriors] Stew Webb goes over when and where the Illuminati will kill an infant in their disgusting human sacrifice. Great information in this program on how everybody should be praying daily against the enemy!

We just reported earlier this week with the Orlando Shooting and its Occult significance. Here is another Ritual Sacrifice being planned for and by the Occult. These Death based Blood Child and Fire Rituals are necessary to appease their Luciferian False God. It will be the Council of 12 Meeting to sacrifice a child to coincide with the Summer Solstice.

In case readers are wondering what happens at such events when so many power brokers get together to worship Lucifer then view the photos of a child abuse survivor who has drawn some photos which we covered in an earlier article.

According to Stew Webb here are some of the expected attendees;

  • Papa Bush
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Lary Mizel
  • Pope Benedict
  • Papa Rockefeller
  • Papa Rothschild



Larry Mizel, David Mandarich, Ernie Blake and Norm Brownstein from left to right.