A full explanation with PROOF that the Beast is using a 40-day schedule to complete their agenda or send a message. MORE INFORMATION BELOW (Click SHOW MORE):

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https://youtu.be/YWZkSIw0Ago Part 1

40 Day Fulfillment: Muhammad Ali, Ramadan & MORE



[ZurichTimes] Is there a 40 Day Code playing out and we are not even aware of it? There is also an importance to 40 days in Islamic Eschatology and the reign of the Anti-Christ or Dajjal or False Messiah figure that is supposed to come during the end times his reign would last for 40 days. This time period is both symbolic and a metaphor, but according to the videos above there seems to be a more literally interpretation and playing out of events.


The Dajjal will Live for 40 Days



Very interesting and bizarre at the same time, but the symbology, the numerology and the mythology all seem to be lining for this one event and one figure.