[Wikipedia] Jacob’s Ladder in Islam;

Jacob is revered in Islam as a prophet and patriarch. Muslim scholars, especially of the perennialist tradition,[clarification needed] drew a parallel with Jacob’s vision of the ladder and Muhammad’s event of the Mi’raj. The ladder of Jacob was interpreted by Muslims to be one of the many symbols of God, and many saw Jacob’s ladder as representing in its form the essence of Islam, which emphasizes following the “straight path”. 

The twentieth-century scholar Martin Lings described the significance of the ladder in the Islamic mystic perspective:

The ladder of the created Universe is the ladder which appeared in a dream to Jacob, who saw it stretching from Heaven to earth, with Angels going up and down upon it; and it is also the “straight path”, for indeed the way of religion is none other than the way of creation itself retraced from its end back to its Beginning.

The Opening of Portals and Gateways;

The point here is that anything Straight can become twisted in the hands of the wrong peoples and what is Straight is not always Straight Forward to understand or what is Straight can become Bent to the point that it Breaks and Straight can be used to go Straight Down the Lower Depths or Straight Up to the Higher Dimensions. 

In the hands of Demons we go Down as Humanity and in the hands of the Dreamers we don’t need such Machines to reach the Higher Realms because it is a State of Being and not something that can be Engineered.

We are all coders;

  • The Meek do code softing with prayers and righteous conduct
  • The Wicked Magicians do trickery to bypass the coding 
  • The Scientists try to understand the coding
  • The CGI Specialists try to bring Imagination to the coding