The short term data from the Asymmetrical Linguistics Trend Analysis Report [ALTA] or Webbot Report is more accurate than the long term data sets, but both are equally alarming. If you have not gotten your affairs in order by now this short time meaning literally in the next few days and weeks will be your last chance and the evidence will become undeniable to the masses.

Here is a short summary of the July report;

• “16 Days” in July 2016 will be talked about for several generations to come
• Major moves on the Chinese Yuan with a combination of panic buying and selling
• Currency market fluctuations makes market very volatile
• Food shortages will affect us for 80 years to come
• Big changes to the House of Saud Zionist Zevite Monarchy coming
• A Reformation type movement starting from Saudi Arabia and affecting most Muslims
• Gold goes to $20000 USD per ounce with 8:1 Silver Ratio coming back ($2500 USD Silver)
• Strange Weather patterns and Earth changes will affect Food production and Quality of Life
• Just in Time Delivery System breaks down and get a large rise in Food prices
• Unique combination of HyperInflation and Deflation severely impacts Baby Boomers as Pensions are raided and reformed

Video summaries from 4 different sources;