Illuminati Summer Rituals: The Cloning Agenda Exposed

[ZurichTimes] Human Cloning exists and has been in use by the Elites for several decades now without our evening noticing or having any power to do anything about it. Here in lies the illusion of Power and Choice within Demoncracy.

We think we have power and control over those we supposedly elect, but in fact we have no such power. We vote for those they tell us to vote for and we follow their cues and guidelines without even realizing it. They determine the candidates who are all compromised and beholden to the Elites who put them into positions where they can get elected with enough dirt on them to blackmail them into submission and towing the party line and doing whatever else the Luciferian Elites wish.

That is the how the real power structure works. It is all based on Black Kabbalah Magick, Fear, Coercion, and BlackMail hence the name “Demoncracy”; as in a Government made up of and run by Demons for Lucifer the Light Bringer.

Texe Marrs Kills the Kabbala Magick on the Air with Jeff Rense

Rulers of Evil book a Comprehensive Historical Expose of the Elites [PDF]

If you want to understand the Luciferian religion these series of videos by a former 90 degree FreeMason will provide an eye opening amount of information for your discernment. You will not view religions and politicians in the same way again.

Dr. Schnoebelen’s Website;

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