[ZurichTimes] Barbara Bush is the Daughter of Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed most Evilest Man in the World. Yes the Black Magicians have been running this charade called Demoncracy from behind the scenes for several generations now headquartered in Washington DC, but being run defacto from Texas and Maine where the Bushes family homes are.

And we just now coming to realize that Daddy Bush has been the real behind the scenes and in front of the scenes Presidents ever since the assassination of JFK in Dallas and just like Magick that same city is now back in the news.

The Texas gang has run the show ever since with LBJ then Ford then Carter as the cloned older version of JFK then tried again with another assassination on Reagan, but it was unsuccessful and therefore he was allowed to live in return for keeping quiet and letting Daddy Bush run the show. Besides his mental and physical condition after the attempt was kept serious so he would not return to full capacity.

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And the fun continued with his protege and partner in crime the Clintons who ran it with them for a few years and then another stolen election from Gore to get Junior “Arbusto” Bush into Power.

He ran the show under Daddy’s direction for another two years and then passed on the stooge baton to Obama the impostor President who again ran the country into the ground for another two years and then at the end of this story is where we are now in the present future in July 2016. About to elect another Clinton or a Questionable Trump whose VP selection choices are making everyone suspicious about his motives and affiliations.

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Next comes the great Reset2016.co event where and when all things will be Reset Together in Washington DC on 7 16 16 and the 16 Days of July will begin and the Nation will be offered up for another Ritual Sacrifice to the False Demon Gods of the Misguided.