NASA Lies About The Hubble Telescope: Its Really on a Boeing 747.

The lies upon lies and act of deceit and betrayal from this Satanic Nazi Cabal known as NASA is just unimaginable when you begin to put the pieces together. Here in this video is now documented proof that NASA Engineers are part of a massive coverup or another “compartmentalization” episode where the left hand does not know what the right hand of the same organization is doing. 


The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) we learn is in fact the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) platform flying a 747 jet. This expose is well worth the listen and as Planate Veritas does some great investigative citizen journalism.


Notice the Giant Telescope inside the Boeing 747 Plane and it is flying obviously within Earth orbit. No wonder those who have been saying Satellites and GPS Satellites do not exist because we cannot get objects into Space past a certain height? The pieces are beginning to come together and it is really all thanks to the Flat Earth Movement. Without this movement and the questions asked as part of this effort we would not be digging into the misdeeds of NASA. It is the piece when pulled that brings the entire house of cards crashing down.


We have seen this deceit from NASA before and we have reported on it before as well;

Project Capricorn One and Project Paperclip should provide a good starting point to investigate the real happenings at NASA.

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So for all these years NASA has been lying to all of Humanity about the size, shape and photos of Earth. If it is in fact “Pear Shaped” could the Magicians at NASA please provide us for a few photos of this Earth inside of the 50 year old photo of the “Blue Marble” they keep shoving in front of our faces and we like children keep buying the BS.