[Secureteam10] We Knew It! NASA Admits Hidden Portals Opening Above Earth! 

Nasa Source Link: http://goo.gl/m8tJJ 


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[Zurich Times] Yes NASA is at work again this time admitting to Space Portals? Watch this video from SecureTeam10 which has now gone mainstream and was even featured on RT News today with one of their UFO sighting videos. 

These “X Points” are part of the slow release of information to keep Humanity so we do not focus on the biggest lie that have perpetrated upon Humanity namely the “Blue Marble” photo Hoax. 

Here is an example of their Photoshopping skills where they simply cutting and pasting cloud formations. It must have been a slow day or a a late Friday afternoon at NASA HQ? “Houston we have a problem”; NASA is full of lies.

We do not even know what kind of planet we live on or what it even looks like? And the gatekeeper has so many secrets it is cowering in the corner putting out garbage shill pieces on its Tumblr site called NASA History.

We persist in our search for truth and wait for the day that NASA is exposed knowing that we doing battle with Demons and Magicians no less.

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